MEET THE STAFF: Justice prevails at Precision Images!

Meet Teresa and Mary Justice…

Aside from our family atmosphere, there is plenty of real family working side by side here at Precision Images, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Husband/Wife. Today, we are celebrating a Most Dynamic Duo, The Justice Sisters! Teresa and Mary!

They’ve been part of the Precision Images team for 25 and 23 years! Teresa is our controller, her face lights up at the thought of creating new excel spread sheets and while discussing excel’s formula functions (I’ve never seen anything like it!). Mary is our customer service receptionist, she may have the brightest smile ever seen on planet earth! While they are very different, they are both absolutely amazing humans, and dedicated Precision Images staff!

Please introduce yourself and explain your role at PI.

Teresa dancing with her father, who was a professional Irish folk dancer.

Teresa: My name is Teresa, and I’m the Controller/Office Manager; I’m in charge of General Ledger accounting, payroll, human resources/employee benefits, etc.

Mary as a kid.

Mary: My name is Mary, and I am a receptionist, and customer service for the front lobby.


How did you come to work here? How long have you worked here?

Teresa: I came to PI via a financial/accounting staffing firm, that was 25 years ago this July.

Mary: I have worked here about 23 years. My sister TJ is the office manager and she needed some help with some office tasks, so I started there. It became quickly apparent that I was way better talking on the phone then working in accounting!



Can you explain what might happen in a day at PI for you?

Teresa makes a friend in Belgium.

Teresa: I always start the day with banking, then depending on the calendar I process payroll, prepare the general ledger & financials, complete sales and payroll tax returns, manage equipment/vehicle leases, and do any human resources/employee benefits related tasks including assisting employees with benefit and payroll related inquiries.

Mary: Mostly answering phones and helping people who come in needing printing services. I answer employee questions regarding the time clock, simple HR inquiries, and important ones, like “why is the candy bowl empty?”


Mary taking in the sites.

Favorite thing about working at PI?  

Teresa: I love the people!  I also enjoy the variety of my job.

Mary: I love answering the phone and talking to people! Our customers are great, and our employees are awesome. A lot of us have been here so long, we’re like family.


Favorite memory of your time here?

Teresa: I was placed by the staffing agency for a trial period of 3 months and had been working for only a couple weeks when management told me my trial period was over and I was permanent, no need to wait 90 days until I was “official”, so it turned out to be a good match!

Mary: I laugh a lot here. For years a woman named Jackie worked here and we became fast friends. We would make each other laugh so hard, it could be heard all over the building.  Now my partner in crime at the front desk is Amanda, who also makes me laugh every day, and thankfully she’s young and smart, so that’s a good thing for me!


How does it feel to work in the printing industry, and how has the industry changed over the years?

Mary & Jackie at a PI wedding.

Teresa: I like seeing the changes over the years i.e. moving from blueprints and paper to digital and all the cool new equipment we use!

Mary: The industry has changed so much from when I started. We’ve gone from just blueprints to banners, portfolios, and even wallpaper, it’s amazing.


How do you feel about the future of printing?

Teresa: I like seeing the changes over the years i.e. moving from blueprints and paper to digital and all the cool new equipment we use!

Mary: Here at Precision, with Phil and Suzi at the helm, I’m confident the future of printing will flourish.


Tell us more about you, favorite food, music, book, etc.?

Teresa creating Gamelan percussion.

Teresa: I play in a Gamelan orchestra which is the classical music from the islands of Java and Bali

Mary: Favorite food: Mexican or pasta anything.

Favorite music: I’m a huge PINK fan, also love Tom Petty, and oldies like Gladys Knight, and Earth, Wind and Fire.

Favorite movie: Anything with Melissa McCarthy!

Favorite Book: I read A LOT. Hard to pick a favorite, but I love a good crime thriller and occasionally something funny.


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Our Design Week Open House Rocked!

Tom Ryon installs the vinyl sign for our open house.

On April 11th, Precision Images hosted our first ever Design Week open house. We coated the shop floor with colored bigfoot feet to direct visitors to each department, ordered snacks, and pulled our very own Jackie out of retirement as our guest bartender for the night. It was quite a night, and attendees were steady and engaged. Most visitors were surprised by all we do here in our facility, and were relieved to learn about all of the options they have by working with us.

Big thanks to Design Week Portland, Elephants Catering, Jackie, and all of the Precision Images staff that stayed late to help and/or had their work on display during the tours. Also thanks to everyone who stopped in for the tour, it was great to meet you!

The map of our shop.

The footprints mark the way.

Attendees during the open house.

Some of our hard working staff enjoying the Design Week Event.

Our diver Phomma entertains a client at our Design Week Open House.

Jackie holds court during her return as guest bartender.

PI’s Josh Bitterman and renown architect Lee Kilbourn. enjoying conversation and libations at the Design Week Open House.

Some of the fine spread from Elephant’s Catering.

PI’s Heather and Gus at our Design Week Open House.

Free swag for visitors.

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Meet Heather, our Assistant Production Manager, she’s been part of PI since it’s founding

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some of the amazing women that make things happen here at Precision Images. Printing has historically been a male dominated field, so it might be a surprise to learn the roles women hold here at Precision Images.

This is our 4th installment of interviews with the women of Precision Images, today we are celebrating, aka questioning, Heather Brower, as Assistant Production Manager she insures our high-quality standards and fast turnaround are second to none. She’s been here since day 1, coming along with founder’s Phil and Don when they started out.

Please explain what you do at Precision Images.

I have been the Assistant Production Manager since December 15, 2017. I am the liaison between the customer and production technicians and responsible for quality control.

Can you explain what might happen in a day at PI for you?

I distribute incoming job requests to the different departments, field questions from the production staff and if necessary, contact the client, field questions from our clients, provide quotes for upcoming projects, quality control and package outgoing products for delivery or shipping and maintain communication with our dispatcher so we can meet deadlines. I help track incoming supply orders and pull stock from the warehouse for those clients whom utilize that service. There is a LOT of walking involved! At times I can be found at the front counter working through a special request but mostly Amanda Grasseschi and Mary Justice have that covered and do an excellent job! It can get pretty intense at times and I am fortunate to work with a team of people who are well trained and dedicated.

How did you come to work here? How long have you worked here?

In 1988 I started as a delivery driver in a competing firm (working with Phil and Don) and would often work after hours in production, thus my introduction to the World of printing. In 1991 I was asked to join the team of the new company they were founding and in 1992 that became a reality. It was exciting to be a part of the business dream and experience the immediate success of hard work and determination. Around 1996 I worked for a short spell at a different firm but came back in 1997 and by 1988 I was elevated to manager of our Oak Street/Washington Street locations. I held that position for 19 years before moving to the big house. That said, I am on version Heather 2.0 so I cede my title of “longest employee” to the wonderful Patti Hanson.

Favorite things about working at PI? Favorite memory?

I love that we are a small company and that we ALL matter equally as we can’t be successful without all the cogs in the wheel. My favorite memories are of building relationships with my coworkers be it company gatherings or just day to day interaction. I cannot fail to mention bringing my pup (Niki) to work with me for 10 years, or the epic rubber band battles that have been waged throughout the story of Precision Images. I absolutely loved having the face to face interaction with clients in the smaller branch environment.


Printing is a male dominated field, have you ever had issues with that? How does it feel to work in the printing industry?

Most industries are historically male dominated, so printing isn’t unique in that experience. I mean sure, there have been instances over the past 31 years that have been uncomfortable and have only served to stoke self-determination. I don’t set the standard of my excellence based anyone’s opinion and do appreciate all I have learned from everyone who has contributed to my career. Printing can be a very intense industry at times, but it is fun rising to the challenge!

How has the industry changed over the years?

The digital age really upped the ante on what we are capable of producing and the speed with which we can turn around products. The lessening in demand for large quantities of construction sets really cut into our backbone and has altered the shape of the company. We were once four locations and have consolidated back into the original one…you could say we are more streamlined now.

How do you feel about the future of printing?

I think it is going to be fun as we continue to advance more into visual media. We can produce some pretty amazing items and are constantly pushing ourselves to think outside the box. It is going to be an interesting journey as we march into the future!

Favorite food? Favorite band or music? Favorite movie? Favorite book?

I have no favorites! I am partial to well thought out dishes prepared with a lot of heart (bonus points for spicy). I enjoy music that makes me feel happy and want to move around but appreciate many genres, it all depends on the mood. I am not a horror movie fan but enjoy a good scary book but again have no favorites, I am pretty open.

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Meet Suzi, Our General Manger, Proudly Following In Her Father’s Footsteps

This is our 3rd installment highlighting the incredible female workforce of Precision Images during Women’s History Month.

This time we’re featuring Suzi Underwood. Suzi has printing in her blood, as she’s founder Phil Guzie’s daughter, and she is very much a chip off the old block, sharing a calm and compassionate leadership style that Phil has seemingly perfected over the years. Suzi is the North Star of Precision Images guiding staff, clients, and vendors with her twinkling brilliance.  Her hard work, down to earth nature, warmth, and positive energy keep our production team whistling while they work!

Now, Suzi, take it away…

Please explain what you do at Precision Images.

My “official” title is General Manager, so I guess I do a little bit of everything! I work with Sales, supply ordering, Production Managers and the production team to make sure jobs are running fluidly. Toss in a side of Accounts Payable and my days can be full!

How did you come to work here? How long have you worked here?

I was in between jobs and wasn’t quite sure the direction I wanted to head in, so I took a temporary job working in customer service at our front counter. That was 20 years ago!

Favorite thing about working at PI? Favorite memory?

There are too many memories / stories to count in my 20 years, but I would say the best thing about working here is the comradery. Precision Images is truly a family atmosphere. We have our good days and bad days, just like a family, but I think that’s what makes us work harder and better. We are invested in this place and in each other and that’s important. We have a GREAT team of people here!

Printing is a male dominated field, have you ever had issues with that? How does it feel to work in the printing industry?

There is always going to be someone out there trying to bring you down, no matter your sex, race, color, etc. If someone tries to tell me I can’t, I work harder! I think back in the day this might have been a male dominated field, but I don’t get that feeling these days. I deal with a ton of women daily and the men I deal with don’t treat me any differently.

How has the industry changed over the years?

Our type of printing has changed a lot! The days of pushing blueprints and hand collating hundreds of sets are long gone (and I’m glad for that!) but now in a digital era, things are much more involved. There are so many factors now that play into a final product. Media options, file options, machine options… they can be endless sometimes. There is a lot of thinking outside of the box with our Precision team and with our client’s. Projects now are much more challenging but exciting. We are always learning!

How do you feel about the future of printing?

As technology and machines advance even more, the options for printing will be endless. We have the ability now to do crazy things that I would never have thought we could print, i.e. wallpaper, acrylic, wood, murals, etc. I think doors will just keep opening, we just have to decide which ones to walk through!

Favorite food? Favorite band or music? Favorite movie? Favorite book?)

Favorite food, Mexican. Anytime, any day!

Favorite music, anything female. I love a lot of different kinds of music but give me a good chick belt and I’m happy. There is something to be said for the sound of a woman’s voice with a strong message.

Favorite movie, ORIGINAL Willy Wonka and Grease. I’m not a huge movie buff these days but those two have been favorites since I was a kid.

Favorite book, I have read a ton and love a ton. It’s hard to pick an all-time favorite. I would say a good murder mystery always keeps me intrigued but I do like a good love story occasionally.


Can you explain what might happen in a day at PI for you?

It varies, A LOT! You can find me anywhere from production, the front counter, meetings or my office. Some days can be a constant moving target that I follow, some days I chase a paperwork trail.

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