Bindery Guide Part 1: Coil Binding, GBC Comb Binding, & Twin Loop Binding

There are many varieties available when you are looking to bind your print materials. When you have multiple pages of your print project you may be curious about how you can bind them to create a book, magazine, or booklet. Learn about coil binding, GBC Comb Binding, and Twin Loop Binding and see what will work best for your specific project.

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Coil Binding

What it is: A continuous plastic spiral binding wound through holes punched in the pages.

Best for: Manuals, cookbooks, and journals; used when the document will need to open flat.

Page count: 425 pages maximum.

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GBC Comb Binding

What it is: Comb binding is a method of securing loose printed pages using a piece of plastic with “teeth” (the comb) that fit into rectangular holes in the paper, the book lies flat.

Best for: Used for books, catalogs, & magazines.

Page count: From 10 to 425 sheets.

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Twin Loop Binding

What it is: Twin Loop wire binding is an elegant binding style available, in which a preformed C-shaped wire is placed through the holes on the edge of your document and closed around the spine.

Best for: For notepads, manuals, presentations.

Page count: Up to around 80 sheets.

If you are interested in the different bindings we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out with a special project request, or contact us with any questions.