Beginning in January 2004 Precision Images took a giant step forward by becoming the first Reprographic Company in our marketplace to offer exclusively recycled stock in both large and small format document reproduction. Currently, other than specialty color graphics media, all paper products used in our process carry a minimum of 35% post-consumer recycled content. Additionally, Precision Images strives to recycle 100% of our waste product and has contracted with Weyerhaeuser to appropriately destroy and recycle all paper waste products. By doing so we are not only protecting your intellectual property that appears on these documents but are returning this un-used precious resource to a manufacturer that can give new life to this otherwise wasted product. In essence, we are recycling our recycled products; including outdated bid sets and preliminary printings that we pick up from clients’ locations to add to our recycling bins.

Beyond the recycling of waste products created from our printing process we also aggressively recycle our office waste by encouraging our staff to use either recyclable or reusable products whenever possible. We also encourage our staff to walk, bike, or use public transportation when commuting to and from the office. Precision Images is committed to protecting our environment, yet we give careful thought and perform extensive tests to ensure that the recycled products we utilize will produce a quality and acceptable product for our client base.