4 Must-Know Print Industry Trends For 2023

Like every industry, print is constantly changing. Trends emerge and evolve over the years. As we move into 2023, we can see a focus on digital printing, design services, the use of special effects and finishes, and sustainability.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is printing from a digital-based image onto a medium. The file is taken from the computer, added to the printing software, and then printed on paper, canvas, cardstock, and more. This printing process is convenient, affordable, and efficient. It even allows for on-demand printing! It’s no wonder that it is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, digital printing is expected to account for 21% of printed products by 2024. In 2019, 17% of printing was done digitally.

Design Services

We are seeing more and more print companies offering design services. Many have graphic designers or digital print experts on staff that can help with graphic or print design, retouching photos, and formatting help. This allows for better customer service, higher quality products, and demonstration of expertise.

Special Effects & Finishes

The use of special efforts and finishes on products will continue into 2023 and beyond. Varnish, foil, metallic, laminate, gloss, neon… Emphasizing one or more aspects of a print design through effects and finishes is a popular trend. Two common techniques are shimmering and laser cutting. Shimmering involves making stock stand out from the rest through a 3-D effect, and is in very high demand within the restaurant, wedding, and event planning industry. Laser cutting uses accurate cuts and outlines to create a unique textured effect. It provides a unique perspective that creates a dramatic effect for any file that has an intricate design 


The newer generations are heavily focused on sustainability and eco-friendliness. They prefer to support brands that share these ideals. In the print industry, this means using recycled materials, energy-efficient equipment, and renewable energy sources as much as possible. 

We have always been committed to sustainability. We were the first Reprographics Company in our marketplace to offer exclusively recycled stock in both large and small format document reproduction. Currently, other than specialty color graphics media, all paper products used in our process carry a minimum of 35% post-consumer recycled content. Additionally, we strive to recycle 100% of our waste products and have contracted with Weyerhaeuser to appropriately destroy and recycle all paper waste products.

For additional information on rising trends in the print industry, check out this report by Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office.

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