2023 Printing Industry Trends

Last year we consulted experts in our industry to predict which trends were coming up in 2022. Now that 2023 is here, we’ve decided to do it again—it’s time to cover this year’s upcoming industry-related trends!

According to Quocirca, certain trends that we had predicted for last year are here to stay for another year. One of these trends is the longstanding issue of sustainability and how current companies have either abided by or ignored its importance. The idea of sustainability in vendors like us involves not only doing our part in reducing waste output and maximizing energy efficiency, but also being wholly transparent about the process to customers. We may be seeing an increase in sustainability-themed products and processes as there has been an increased demand for them.

Another trend that we had mentioned last year that may hold merit this year is diversification in the industry and its customers’ needs. In last year’s post, we defined diversification as “being able to meet a variety of needs such as retail graphics, supplies, construction, and technical graphics.” This is still true, but we’ve found that diversification has expanded to include the increasingly-popular digitization of printed materials, such as e-Books and online manuals or menus. It is still difficult to say how exactly this will affect printing businesses in 2023, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

A new trend that we would like to acknowledge is the influx of younger individuals entering our workforce, particularly as workspaces and offices have begun to open their doors to on-site work again. As technology and communication styles have upgraded drastically throughout the years, we occasionally turn to our younger employees who have grown up with these changes to know how to respond to certain issues. With young people, collaboration and partnership is the name of the game, and we love that kind of attitude in our workspace!
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