2022 Printing Industry Trends

You may be wondering how the printing industry will look throughout 2022 and beyond. According to Linchpin SEO, some 2022 trends include the shimmering technique, laser cutting technology, diversification, and sustainability. 


Shimmering is a technique that is expected to be popular within the industry in 2022. The technique involves making stock stand out from the rest through a 3-D effect, and is in very high demand within the restaurant, wedding, and event planning industry. 

Laser Cutting Technology 

There has been an increase in utilizing laser cutting technology. This technique provides a unique perspective that creates a dramatic effect for any file that has an intricate design. 


Diversification is important when competing within the printing industry. Being able to meet a variety of needs such as retail graphics, supplies, construction, and technical graphics. Even providing a service such as creating simple business cards for someone does wonders to put a business in front of the competition within the printing industry. 


It’s no surprise that a trend for 2022 is sustainability practices. Ahead of our time, we here at Precision Images have always been committed to sustainability. We were the first Reprographics Company in our marketplace to offer exclusively recycled stock in both large and small format document reproduction. Currently, other than specialty color graphics media, all paper products used in our process carry a minimum of 35% post-consumer recycled content. Additionally, Precision Images strives to recycle 100% of our waste product and has contracted with Weyerhaeuser to appropriately destroy and recycle all paper waste products.

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