Signage Requirements in Schools Increase

Signage requirements are increasing in schools throughout the country in order to safely allow children back on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Signage helps to display safety protocols and general navigation for parents, children, and staff.


As you may know, the Department of Education continues to roll out a guidance plan for schools in order for students and staff to continue to function as safely as possible. In the guidance plan for Oregon, there was a requirement for schools to turn in blueprints before the start of the 2020-21 school year, whether they decided to move forward with on-site learning, hybrid learning or distance learning. The blueprints verify that each school has a plan to follow health protocols- including social distancing throughout campus, proper airflow, face masks, etc. 


This is where the need for signage comes in. In order for schools to properly relay the guidelines to parents, children, and staff, signage is being displayed throughout the school. When you walk into the school, in offices, hallways, and classrooms. Signage is not only an effective way to educate about guidelines, but also serves as a reminder for everyone to follow them. This can be an easy thing to forget, especially for children who are trying to return to some type of normalcy in school. 

Surplus often leads to shortages. In the beginning of the pandemic, companies have been stepping up to create products they normally wouldn’t. At Precision Images, we’ve been fortunate to improve and provide specific COVID signage as well as sneeze guards. 


Reach out to us today if your school or business is in need of signage to meet regulations.