What’s the difference between CMYK and RGB colors?

The difference is simple, RGB is for use on screens and the web, while CMYK is for all print media. Whenever you submit files for Precision Images, we always use CMYK.

If you want to know more about CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key) check out this great video we found from the Australian company, Express Prints. https://youtu.be/9hirYMZ7PQc

CMYK was first put to use in 1906, it is considered a “subtractive color model”. The subtractive color model means the four colors are mixed, in a halftone manner, to create a wide color spectrum with accuracy. The four colors are cyan, magenta, yellow and black – considered the “Key” color and the K of CMYK.

Fun Fact: Black is called “key” because it the main print color, as in black & white printing. K is also the last letter of black.

With subtractive color, the four colors are mixed to be printed on white typically.

CMYK replaced the earlier system of RYBK, which was invented by German engraver Jacob Christoph LeBlon in the 1700s.