Meet Paul, Our Customer Service Representative

Paul has worn many hats in the decade he has been with Precision Images. Most recently becoming our Customer Service Representative, but let’s give Paul the floor, and he can tell his own story. Take it away Paul….

Please introduce yourself and explain your role at PI. Also, please explain the various roles you have had over your time here.

My name is Paul Sliviak, originally from southern NH and like many I migrated south to get out of freezing weather and all the side effects from it. We moved to Fort Lauderdale and life was fresh and new for a while, this is where I discovered the world of reprographics and was in that field for 6 years. When the Florida sun became too much to bare, apparently 7 years was the number for my wife and I, we decided to move to the west coast. This was heavily researched cause we wanted to settle down somewhere and stick around for a long time, we wanted to purchase a home as soon as possible. I found myself gravitating towards Portland, loved the strong points of this city, very green, clean, snowy mountain and the coast super close. You know, all the normal attractions, but above anything else it was different and offered a unique feel and lifestyle compared to any other city I’ve checked out. My wife and I packed up our two cars and hit the road, never stepping foot in Oregon before we drove 5 days across the country to get here. We have never regretted our move for a minute, well maybe at the end of Feb when the clouds will not go away, but its been 12 years and we’re not going anywhere!

How did you come to work here? How long have you worked here?

After spending the first year in Portland working back in electronics, a field I started in back when I was 15, I was realizing it was not a good fit so I looked back into reprographics, it was challenging and fun. I checked out all reprographic companies in Portland and Precision Images really stuck out for me, they were not hiring at the time but I emailed Phil Guzie directly and asked for an interview and thankfully he saw me the same day and it went very well. I was hired shortly after that and started in the document control department of the company which was very busy and alive at the time! After a couple years I was offered a branch manager position at one of our largest client in-house Precision Images offices, Ankrom Moisan Architects. There I was face to face with Ankrom, helping them and printing for them on a daily basis. 7 years later we decided it was not a good fit to stay in that location due to lack of use for hard copy prints, the field as a whole is going more electronic. So I moved back to our main office where I accepted a customer service role. This has been a nice and welcoming change! At this point is has been over 10 years I’ve been working for Precision Images.

Can you explain what might happen in a day at PI for you?

During my day at PI, it can be very different, taking calls for quotes, proofs, general questions or concerns about prints, timing, and options for prints. I also help out in any department where they need me which is a nice change and keeps everyday a little different which I prefer.

How do you feel about the future of printing?

We are offering many products and services that is in high demand today, as well as the future. We will still and always offer architectural services by means of blueprint drawings and specifications, but we offer so much more like color banners, posters, adhesive prints, removable wall prints, window mech, we can print amazing photos even on glass and many other substrates, also work with a CNC machine which it capable of carving, cutting, and much more. We are very capable for signage and high end graphic prints! We are also in the cutting edge for how you place orders with us, and how we can see in real time what every department is doing at any given time, this has been a huge upgrade and has just made us more efficient, these are a few of many that make me proud to be here!

What are you doing when you’re not here?

When I’m not at work I concentrate on my hobbies, too many in fact, but the ones that will not go away and can’t get enough of is cycling, running, woodworking, everything VW Bus and camping. Much of my day is thinking about these activities which I love and will always be a big part of my life. My life though is only complete because of my wife, who I’ve been with for 18 years and has been my rock and backbone through everything, I owe her more than I can repay, she is the coolest, most respectful and beautiful person I’ve ever met and the one who keeps everything going!