Meet Suzi, Our General Manger, Proudly Following In Her Father’s Footsteps

This is our 3rd installment highlighting the incredible female workforce of Precision Images during Women’s History Month.

This time we’re featuring Suzi Underwood. Suzi has printing in her blood, as she’s founder Phil Guzie’s daughter, and she is very much a chip off the old block, sharing a calm and compassionate leadership style that Phil has seemingly perfected over the years. Suzi is the North Star of Precision Images guiding staff, clients, and vendors with her twinkling brilliance.  Her hard work, down to earth nature, warmth, and positive energy keep our production team whistling while they work!

Now, Suzi, take it away…

Please explain what you do at Precision Images.

My “official” title is General Manager, so I guess I do a little bit of everything! I work with Sales, supply ordering, Production Managers and the production team to make sure jobs are running fluidly. Toss in a side of Accounts Payable and my days can be full!

How did you come to work here? How long have you worked here?

I was in between jobs and wasn’t quite sure the direction I wanted to head in, so I took a temporary job working in customer service at our front counter. That was 20 years ago!

Favorite thing about working at PI? Favorite memory?

There are too many memories / stories to count in my 20 years, but I would say the best thing about working here is the comradery. Precision Images is truly a family atmosphere. We have our good days and bad days, just like a family, but I think that’s what makes us work harder and better. We are invested in this place and in each other and that’s important. We have a GREAT team of people here!

Printing is a male dominated field, have you ever had issues with that? How does it feel to work in the printing industry?

There is always going to be someone out there trying to bring you down, no matter your sex, race, color, etc. If someone tries to tell me I can’t, I work harder! I think back in the day this might have been a male dominated field, but I don’t get that feeling these days. I deal with a ton of women daily and the men I deal with don’t treat me any differently.

How has the industry changed over the years?

Our type of printing has changed a lot! The days of pushing blueprints and hand collating hundreds of sets are long gone (and I’m glad for that!) but now in a digital era, things are much more involved. There are so many factors now that play into a final product. Media options, file options, machine options… they can be endless sometimes. There is a lot of thinking outside of the box with our Precision team and with our client’s. Projects now are much more challenging but exciting. We are always learning!

How do you feel about the future of printing?

As technology and machines advance even more, the options for printing will be endless. We have the ability now to do crazy things that I would never have thought we could print, i.e. wallpaper, acrylic, wood, murals, etc. I think doors will just keep opening, we just have to decide which ones to walk through!

Favorite food? Favorite band or music? Favorite movie? Favorite book?)

Favorite food, Mexican. Anytime, any day!

Favorite music, anything female. I love a lot of different kinds of music but give me a good chick belt and I’m happy. There is something to be said for the sound of a woman’s voice with a strong message.

Favorite movie, ORIGINAL Willy Wonka and Grease. I’m not a huge movie buff these days but those two have been favorites since I was a kid.

Favorite book, I have read a ton and love a ton. It’s hard to pick an all-time favorite. I would say a good murder mystery always keeps me intrigued but I do like a good love story occasionally.


Can you explain what might happen in a day at PI for you?

It varies, A LOT! You can find me anywhere from production, the front counter, meetings or my office. Some days can be a constant moving target that I follow, some days I chase a paperwork trail.