MEET THE STAFF: Justice prevails at Precision Images!

Meet Teresa and Mary Justice…

Aside from our family atmosphere, there is plenty of real family working side by side here at Precision Images, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Husband/Wife. Today, we are celebrating a Most Dynamic Duo, The Justice Sisters! Teresa and Mary!

They’ve been part of the Precision Images team for 25 and 23 years! Teresa is our controller, her face lights up at the thought of creating new excel spread sheets and while discussing excel’s formula functions (I’ve never seen anything like it!). Mary is our customer service receptionist, she may have the brightest smile ever seen on planet earth! While they are very different, they are both absolutely amazing humans, and dedicated Precision Images staff!

Please introduce yourself and explain your role at PI.

Teresa dancing with her father, who was a professional Irish folk dancer.

Teresa: My name is Teresa, and I’m the Controller/Office Manager; I’m in charge of General Ledger accounting, payroll, human resources/employee benefits, etc.

Mary as a kid.

Mary: My name is Mary, and I am a receptionist, and customer service for the front lobby.


How did you come to work here? How long have you worked here?

Teresa: I came to PI via a financial/accounting staffing firm, that was 25 years ago this July.

Mary: I have worked here about 23 years. My sister TJ is the office manager and she needed some help with some office tasks, so I started there. It became quickly apparent that I was way better talking on the phone then working in accounting!



Can you explain what might happen in a day at PI for you?

Teresa makes a friend in Belgium.

Teresa: I always start the day with banking, then depending on the calendar I process payroll, prepare the general ledger & financials, complete sales and payroll tax returns, manage equipment/vehicle leases, and do any human resources/employee benefits related tasks including assisting employees with benefit and payroll related inquiries.

Mary: Mostly answering phones and helping people who come in needing printing services. I answer employee questions regarding the time clock, simple HR inquiries, and important ones, like “why is the candy bowl empty?”


Mary taking in the sites.

Favorite thing about working at PI?  

Teresa: I love the people!  I also enjoy the variety of my job.

Mary: I love answering the phone and talking to people! Our customers are great, and our employees are awesome. A lot of us have been here so long, we’re like family.


Favorite memory of your time here?

Teresa: I was placed by the staffing agency for a trial period of 3 months and had been working for only a couple weeks when management told me my trial period was over and I was permanent, no need to wait 90 days until I was “official”, so it turned out to be a good match!

Mary: I laugh a lot here. For years a woman named Jackie worked here and we became fast friends. We would make each other laugh so hard, it could be heard all over the building.  Now my partner in crime at the front desk is Amanda, who also makes me laugh every day, and thankfully she’s young and smart, so that’s a good thing for me!


How does it feel to work in the printing industry, and how has the industry changed over the years?

Mary & Jackie at a PI wedding.

Teresa: I like seeing the changes over the years i.e. moving from blueprints and paper to digital and all the cool new equipment we use!

Mary: The industry has changed so much from when I started. We’ve gone from just blueprints to banners, portfolios, and even wallpaper, it’s amazing.


How do you feel about the future of printing?

Teresa: I like seeing the changes over the years i.e. moving from blueprints and paper to digital and all the cool new equipment we use!

Mary: Here at Precision, with Phil and Suzi at the helm, I’m confident the future of printing will flourish.


Tell us more about you, favorite food, music, book, etc.?

Teresa creating Gamelan percussion.

Teresa: I play in a Gamelan orchestra which is the classical music from the islands of Java and Bali

Mary: Favorite food: Mexican or pasta anything.

Favorite music: I’m a huge PINK fan, also love Tom Petty, and oldies like Gladys Knight, and Earth, Wind and Fire.

Favorite movie: Anything with Melissa McCarthy!

Favorite Book: I read A LOT. Hard to pick a favorite, but I love a good crime thriller and occasionally something funny.