Meet Our Pennsylvania Color Guys

It’s funny but people here at Precision Images are so modest. No one wants to be singled out to talk about all the great work everyone does here at Precision Images, as a team and individually, and how truly passionate they are about their work. Our production staff are some of the most meticulous and exacting professionals out there. They are forever scrutinizing each order to make sure what leaves through our doors is the very best.

Our color department is a perfect example of that. Jim, Jason, and Tim produce every single sign, wall or window covering. Every color sticker and vinyl we make goes through their hands. Like a great trio of musicians, their work appears seamless and their output astonishing, and in the exact same way, their expertise comes from years of devotion to the craft. (It’s probably no accident a photo of 1970s Rush stands atop their beloved fridge.)

Talk with them in their department, they will gush on with passion about the machines we have and the projects they work on, ask them to answer a few questions about themselves and they all turn silent. But even in their brief answers, I learned a lot about them, for one, they are all from or have lived in Pennsylvania. How weird is that? All three of them!!! Let’s find out more…



First from Jim (mister talk to the hand!). His sarcasm is a thing of beauty, and he makes pulling into the parking lot every morning a moment of joy because he’s always driving a different hot rod or other cool car to work.

  • How long have you worked at PI and what is your role? 18 years, Graphic Technician
  • Have you worked in other departments before? Nope!
  • What is the color department? A safe spot for crayons.
  • Favorite lunch? Calzone
  • What machine do you like best? Our mini fridge, it supplies sustenance.

Next is Jason W.  who sometimes brings one of his two adorable dogs Unagi and Leaf to work and sports a large Einstürzende Neubauten tattoo.

  • How long have you worked at PI? I’ve been working at PI since June of 2008.
  • What is the color department? A collection of three grumpy (but hardworking) ne’er do wells from Pennsylvania.
  • What are your favorite kinds of jobs? My favorite kinds of jobs are generally from artists and photographers since I come from that background as well. 

And then the department’s most recent edition Tim, (who moved from the “Large Docs” department, and his desk shifted 50 feet to the right). Is a musician and a giant Iron Maiden fan.

  • How long have you worked at PI? 12 and half years give or take.
  • Have you worked in other departments before? I started in Large Docs but I’ve pretty much done it all.
  • What is the color department? 3 surly shit-talking dudes from PA.
  • What machine do you like best? The Agfa (flatbed printer) but it’s way too loud.
  • Favorite lunch? TACOS!
  • Favorite thing about PI?  BBQ days.  I get paid to cook everyone food.


So, what’s the best part of working here?

Tim: Hanging out with Jim and Jason, and BBQ days.  I get paid to cook everyone food.

Jim: This is by far the best job I’ve had. The people and atmosphere can’t be beat! All days are good, well except for when the social media department asks questions. Or when a piece of equipment fails.

Jason: Considering I’ve been at this job longer than any other, I’d say it’s the best job and best group of people I’ve worked for and with.

What amazes you about the projects here?

Jason: The technology continually amazes me.  When I first started in commercial printing 20 years ago, I generally only used large-format inkjets.  Since then, there’s been an explosion of different types of machines like our Oce Colorado and Agfa Anapurna, which can print on many different types of media and be used in many different applications.

You’ve got that amazing cityscape mural on your wall, any other wishes for your walls??

Jim: Massive Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Graphic.

Tim: 2x life-size animatronic Eddie, please. Up the Irons!

Thank you fellas for your time!

Since we have this bizarre connection to Pennsylvania with all three of them, let’s round out this fun little interview with 5 fun facts about Pennsylvania:

  1. Pennsylvania is the home of Hershey Chocolate, with its own namesake town, Hershey PA.
  2. There’s been a coal mine burning underground in Centralia, Pennsylvania for over 50 years.
  3. The state has the highest concentration of Amish of any state.
  4. Pennsylvania is home to so many firsts: hospital, zoo, escalators, stock exchange, theatre, covered bridge, pretzel factory, oil well, roller coaster, newspaper, steam engine, library, U.S. Capitol Building, and so many more!
  5. Gravity Hill is a place in Bedford County that allows you to roll up a hill when your vehicle is in neutral.