Is It Time To Update Your School Signage?

School is back in session throughout Oregon! Did you know that effective signage in schools is just as important as signage in businesses? Whether it’s to communicate important information, provide guidance and direction, or convey the school’s culture and values, having quality signage is crucial.

There are a variety of topics that signage can communicate in a school setting, such as wayfinding, health and safety, achievements and promotions, and core values. Punctuality could be increased by using wayfinding signs, such as arrows to indicate traffic flows or maps and classroom numbers to make it easier to find classrooms. Maximize the health and safety of your students and staff by clearly displaying emergency exits, evacuation routes, food allergies, or COVID policies. Share achievements or promotions with large banners in the main entrance – they would be clearly visible upon entering the building. Finally, show off your core values and school branding through flags, wall graphics, window graphics, and more.

When deciding on what signage to display, it’s important to consider not only what you are going to say, but how you say it, the imagery you choose to go along with it, and the typography, colors, and layout. You want to be sure your signs are conveying the correct message not only in words but in connotation.

There are many reasons to update current signage, or to add new signage, such as:

  • Signs are faded, vandalized, or otherwise hard to read
  • Signs are outdated
  • There are new hazards
  • Signs are not ADA compliant
  • Temporary signs need to become permanent
  • Signs are not being noticed due to sign fatigue (i.e. students are used to seeing them so they no longer register their presence)
  • Signs are not branded with the school’s message, colors, typography, etc.

From wayfinding to wall graphics, we have the capacity to meet your needs. If you are looking for new or updated signage for your school or school district, contact us today to get started!