3 Steps to Check Canon InkJet After Sitting Idle

Since the lockdowns for the pandemic, a lot of offices have closed or running skeleton crews. Because of this, equipment in the offices are not being used, or used sparingly. This is a major concern if you have any inkjet equipment. When these machines are not used or underutilized, the ink in the heads and the supply system can start to dry out, causing print issues including not printing.

If the equipment is used sparingly, a weekly reminder to print something on the machine will extend it’s printing capabilities. If the equipment has been off for some time, you are now looking at a possible repair situation.

If you have a Canon inkjet wide format machine that has been shut down or idle for awhile, we suggest the following steps to make sure it will be usable when needed.

1. Turn it on and run a nozzle check test print. You should see six boxes, 3 are color, 3 are black and white.

2. If the grids look complete, you should be good to go. If there are breaks in the lines, we recommend doing a cleaning A twice, then run the nozzle check again.

3. If no improvement, try a cleaning B one time and check the nozzle print again.

At this point, if the print still looks bad it will be time to call your local service provider for assistance. If you need any of your equipment serviced or have questions, we are here to help.