Submitting Files Guidebook – Downloadable Guide

Are you new to having your work printed in the physical world, a new designer, or just a new Precision Images client? Then, this guide is for you!

Precision Images wants to help you have a great experience with us, so we created this handy guide book. We usually give it out to architecture students when they come for a tour, but recently we decided that many of our clients could benefit from access to this information.

Inside this publication you’ll find out about:

  • Options to build files; 
  • Bleeds and trim; 
  • Common sizes of printed material such as brochures and postcards;
  • File recommendations for most print jobs;
  • Fonts for print plus links and images;
  • And, the most common file mistakes and how to fix them.

We are hopeful that with the useful information inside this little booklet that submitting files for jobs will be easy and pain free for you, and allow us to quickly serve your needs. Please take time to read through it, download it, or even print it and hold onto it for a handy reference.

Click here to read and/or download our ‘How To Build A File For Successful Printing’ guidebook.


To submit a print job to us, go here: