The New Portal Is Coming! The New Portal Is Coming! Customer Portal That is…

Big News! We’re Launching A New Customer Portal Soon!

A new Portal? What Does That Mean?

For more than a decade, our trusty “Send Us Files” Customer Portal has gotten your jobs to us quickly and efficiently. There was a time when Precision’s “Send Us Files” portal, or “Portal 1”, as we endearingly refer to it, was cutting edge. In fact, it inspired many of the customer portals used across the country by other printers. But, as we all know, technology continues to move at a startling pace, and sadly, Portal 1’s day has come.

In the next few months, Precision Images will be launching “Portal 2” (Yes, we know we need to work on that name, and are open to suggestions). “Portal 2” will offer a more attractive, modern look and added capabilities, for example, the ability to update any details and/or files of your order up until the exact time our Production folks start on the order. Once production starts, you will still have the ability to send revised files and revised instructions via the same order if needed. We’ve done our best to keep the look and feel of the old “Send Us Files” Portal, and hopefully minimize any extra stress in your day.

You’ll be hearing more about this upcoming launch in the next few weeks, and soon we’ll have some Beta testers trying it out in the field. One important fact to note, all existing users will need to reset their password in “Portal 2”. Once reset, your email and basic address information should be in “Portal 2” waiting for you.  Sorry, for that minor inconvenience, but we think you’ll agree the new ease of use, added security, and modern look is worth it.

We understand that change can be difficult, but we know once you get settled in, you will love “Portal 2” as much or more than you loved “Portal 1”.

Thanks in advance for your patience as we put “Portal 2” into place.


Kind Regards,

Precision Images

Here’s a sneak peak of the new Portal 2 login screen!