Caring for your Dry Erase Product

Your dry erase writing surface is built to last. To guarantee its erasability properties, be sure to follow these care and maintenance instructions to ensure your writing surface looks fresh and new for years to come.

Writing Surface

  • Use dry erase markers for any written text that you desire to be temporary and which can be wiped off easily with a dry, soft cloth or eraser.
  • Press firmly when erasing using a circular motion.
  • Periodic cleaning (as needed basis), rinse the entire writing surface with soapy water and then dry with a soft cloth.


  • Please remember to clean cloths/erasers on a regular basis. A dirty cloth/eraser will leave ink residue on the writing surface. Microfiber cloths are preferred over felt erasers because they can be machine laundered making them easier to keep clean.
  • Either clean or replace cloths/erasers as they become dirty. A dirty felt eraser may be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, acetone or warm soapy water.


Use Low Odor Dry erase markers from a reputable brand. It is best to store markers horizontally so that felt tips do not dry out. Do not use markers with dried out tips, since they could potentially dent your writing surface.


  • Use of harsh chemicals/cleaning products, coarse cleaning cloths, sponges and/or scrub brushes can break down your laminate leaving potential for ghosting, scratches, etc.