All About Wayfinding

Wayfinding signage helps people navigate and understand their environments. In your business, this could include door plaques, directories, junction signs, hours of operation, and much more!

There are four different types of wayfinding signage: Identification, Directional, Informational, and Regulatory.

  • Identification signage is the most common. These signs let people know they’ve arrived at their destination or help them get their bearings. Examples include door plaques, departmental markers, and landmark signs.
  • Directional signage guides people from one place to another, such as junction signs, colored lines on the floor, or directories.
  • Informational signs list information about the services or amenities of a location. For instance, an amenities sign, bathroom or exit signs, or business information (hours, address, etc.) signs.
  • Regulatory signage gives information about safety and liability. This would include rules, regulations, compliance standards, and access control.

Each of these wayfinding sign types can be combined with each other, or they are kept as separate signs. The simplest and most cohesive approach is most effective!

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