TX Series 1


Print Up To 3 D-Sized Prints Per Minute!*

  • Fast printing speeds improve productivity

New 5-Color LUCIA TD Pigment Ink System

  • High-quality prints on LED paper
  • High balance between black density and bleed resistance
  • Accurate reproduction in lines and texts

Improved Security Features To Help Handle Confidential Information

  • •Encrypted hard drive
  • •IPSec Support
  • •SSL/TLS
  • •802.1x Authentication

Media Enhancements For The Production Environment

  • Automatic media loading
  • Optional Multifunction Roll System allows for over 3,900 sq. ft. of continuous, unattended printing
  • Holds two rolls of media up to 650 ft. in length** in each roll

Lower Your Cost Per Print

  • Ink tanks available in 700 ml, 330 ml, or 160 ml
  • Compatible with low-cost LED paper
  • 1,650 ml of ink ships standard with the TX-4000
  • Sub-Ink Tank System comes standard

Improved Stacker For Increased Productivity

  • Stacks up to 100 Sheets of

ARCH C, ARCH D, or ARCH E/E1 page sizes

  • • Foldable for smaller footprint when not in use
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